About Us

Welcome!  Southern Skies Embroidery Designs was formerly known as Ted & Friends Embroidery Designs.

I started digitizing designs for my Mum. She purchased an embroidery machine and, not being tech savy, needed some help transferring designs from her CDs and computer to the machine. I became intrigued with the designs and started reading in to how digitizing worked.

I took the plunge, purchased Embird and haven't looked back.

I love digitizing.

The click, click, click of my mouse as I slowly work my way around a design is my meditation. I digitize fun and funky machine embroidery designs to suit most machines and formats - anything from the conservative to retro to sci-fi.

All of my designs are digitized manually, producing high quality designs that sew-out and look great! Again, thank you for visiting my shop!

Please enjoy browsing and if there is something you would like that is not here, please contact me to discuss a custom design.